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Rules & regulations for card holders

  1.  1 point will be awarded for every $1 of menu purchases.  These menu items must be consumed at Bubba’s or may be “to go” items
  2.  Points will not be awarded on “function” purchases.  A “function” is defined as a “pre-determined group of people” (the number of people in the group that determine whether or not it meets “function” status will be up to the discretion of the management) either dining at Bubba’s or at a different location.
  3.  Points cannot be redeemed for “function” purchases.“Function” is defined in rule #2.
  4.  A maximum of 1000 points ($100) may be redeemed at one purchase…exceptions will be up to the discretion of the management.
  5.  You must present your Bubba’s Rewards card at the time of your purchase or at the time you wish to redeem your points. Stock piling of receipts for future additions to your card will not be permitted.  Management reserves the right to make adjustments to this rule.
  6.  You may only put your purchases on your Rewards Card.
  7.  NH Meals Tax and Gratuity are not included as purchases.
  8.  Bubba’s Rewards cards cannot be used to satisfy gratuity payouts.
  9.  Rewards points will not be awarded when the purchase is combined with a “gift” card or any other form of promotional award.
  10.  Rewards points will not be added to your existing total when you are redeeming points.

    Bubba’s will no longer hold rewards cards.
    It is the customer’s responsibility to present their card when making a purchase or redeeming points.


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